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Why do I have pain in my left shoulder while breathing after eating and drinking?!!!!?

Please please help. 

For the past month or so, whenever I eat and drink water I get this pain in my left shoulder. And it’s a sharp pain that hurts so much I can barely breathe. I can’t lay down at all or it gets worse so I have to sit up and breath shallowly. 

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    Go see a doctor. That could be anything from indigestion to esophageal cancer. We can't diagnose you.

  • Barry
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    1 month ago

    As it's lasted a month it's probably rotator cuff injury. See your doctor who will likely give you a cortisone injection. In the interim take ibuprofen which reduces inflammation as well as pain.

    Source(s): I had it. Injection cured it in a couple of days.
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