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What camcorder for vlogging outdoors? Will be on tripod mostly. Varying light. Standing lighting equip suggestions too plz. Thanks?


Mmm J. Thx for ur questions/answers. Entry-level. I'm in college. Have PowerDeWise lavalier mic. Was going to record audio to cell phone, but only bc I know nothing about audio. Don't mind spending up to $1000 to get everything I need. Capture & edit. Maybe live vlog later, esp if it takes an upgrade. Rn I have Infinity cheapest plan; says network band 5 Ghz. Dell laptop Intel 1.8 Ghz, 4-core. Still learning about editing. What do u rec

Update 2:

Mmm J. Thx for ur answers/questions. Entry-level. I'm in college. I will start with capture & edit. Suggestions on editing software to use appreciated. Dell laptop Intel 4-core, 1.8 Ghz. Infinity wifi says network band 5 Ghz. I have a PowerDeWise lavalier mic. Was going to record to cell phone bc I know nothing about audio. Ideas there would be great. Would like to get all I need under $1000. Any other random advice u want to give a new vlogger would also be great. Ty

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  • 2 months ago

    Here's some more info.

     Just as I was suspecting, the cameras they suggest for vlogging are not not video cameras perse, but they are mirrorless and DSLR cameras that shoot excellent video (one main advantage is the sensor size is much larger than in a video camera of similar price.I'm not an editing expert, but HitFlim Express is very powerful FREE* video editing software (apparently looks a lot like Adobe Premiere). *They do want you to buy upgrades for extra special affects and things, but it sounds like you are on a budget and free version has no limitations as far as editing and such. And the good thing is that if you want to add more things, its almost like ala carte. So you can check it out. They also have a large list of tutorials are their website.

    Also make sure you get a decent tripod especially if you are outdoors. 

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