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I know all Americans are of full English ancestry, but what English country do their roots come from?

Surrey? Lancashire? Dorset? Yorkshire? Oxfordshire?

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    Mine came from Cambridgeshire and the area called East Anglia. One of my ancestors was an Anglican Bishop, who eventually got a PhD, and I think since his second son just because he was not the first son he was denied all inheritance that he suffered.  His own son came to America and became a VIP.  Many of the early settlers came from East Anglia and thereabouts.  There were English who came at other points in time, too.  A large number came in the 1880s.  As you know, Bob Hope was born in England, and came to Cleveland when he was four.  Most people do not know that Bob Hope was English.  I do not have any royal blood, as far as I know.  My ancestors were more middle to upper middle class, I guess.  

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    Fewer than 25 million Americans (7.8%) trace their heritage back to anywhere that is British.  The largest groups are German (14.7%), Mexican (10.9%), and Irish (10.6%). Also 12.3% are miscellaneous African. 

    My father’s side is a noble family that traces its origins to the area around Miskolc in Hungary and my mother’s is from the area near Kecskemét, Hungary. 

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    Is this trick question ?

    Americans come from all over the world .

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    AFRICAN AMERICANS are not from Europe and are not British

    and Many are Irish from Ireland

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    > I know all Americans are of full English ancestry

    No you don't, because most are NOT

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    All counties. People came to America from every part of England. And Americans are not of full English ancestry. I don't know where you got that idea. They came from many other parts of the world too.

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    None of my ancestors came from England, although one of my wife's grandmothers did; however that grandmother was actually born in Austria, moved to England, and later moved to the USA.

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    Many Americans have no English ethnicity.  My Dad is 100% Serbian.  My mother in law is 100% Polish. 

    There are many Hispanics and Asians in the US too. The USA is called the Melting Pot. 

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    No, not accurate. It has been a very long time since America was all English. It probably never was. Remember it was the Dutch who bought NY from the Indians,and called it New Amsterdam. The English later bought it off the Dutch and rechristened it New York.

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    Ah, the English in America. Like the Jackson family. Andrew Jackson... and Michael, Reggie, LaToya, Jesse... all them English TROLLS pretending to be black.

    sarcasm, anyone? as ALL Americans ARE English

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    Only a small minority of Americans have full English ancestry.  Even in American Colonial days, prior to the American revolution, Americans were a mix of immigrants from many countries, including Holland, Germany, and Scandinavia and yes, what is now Great Britain.

    The ones who can trace their origins to England came from all the counties.  In general, though, look to the English counties that weren't particularly affluent.  Rich English rarely moved to the Americas, those who were struggling were more likely to. The rich English who obtained land grants from the Crown rarely moved themselves--they were usually absentee landowners who hired others to manage their Americans properties for them.

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