When was this old coca cola bottle made?

There are raised numbers on the bottle that say 67-21 so I assume it was made on the 21st day of a month in 1967 but how can I figure out which month. The bottom of the bottle says Gary Indiana it also has a little number 9 (if you read it the same way Gary Indiana is facing) if you read it upside down from that it could be a 6) in the middle of the bottom of the bottle. Oh and I see a concave dimple at the bottom of the bottle beneath the date. No clue what the heck that is there for

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    Typically, the city on a Coke bottle isn't where it was made, it was the bottling plant is was sent to.  The bottling plant in Gary apparently closed in 1975, so you're probably correct about the year.

    Of course, they opened in 1919, so the date could be the other way around.  But those older bottles didn't look like that, so probably not.

    There are a number of sources for collectors that list all the different markings and what they mean, so perhaps try one of those.

    A highly-recommended source is Bill Porter's "Coke Bottle Checklist."  Though it's apparently pretty difficult to find a copy.

    Another webpage for collectors is below:

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    Are you aware that you posted your Coca Cola question in the Newborn and Baby part of the Pregnancy and Parenting section?

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