Is my baby safe to visit a home where the animals pee and poop all over?

I am having a baby in September and in November will be traveling to visit family. One thing that has been worrying me is when we go to visit my husband's dad is I worry that it's not safe to bring my infant to his house. He has 4 dogs and 5 cats none of which are house trained. They go to the bathroom all over the floor and the house has a thick aroma of urine. I wonder how long can my infant be there before it becomes unsafe? His father and step mother wouldn't leave their house to meet us at a park or anything like that, and I don't want to offend them by telling them I do not want my baby there. I just want to know what kind of risks I am facing if I take the baby there and when should I leave?

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  • Anonymous
    14 hours ago

    This is dangerous and could lead to cancer, i have a 12 day old baby, and i protect her no matter what. Please listen to me, dont go there, THIS IS NOT SAFE. I am a doctor as well! please listen to me DONT TAKE BABY THERE I repeat, dont take baby. 

  • 3 days ago

    It's harmful to EVERYONE who lives in that house much less a baby.  NO.

  • Jill
    Lv 7
    5 days ago

    I wouldn't even want to go in there, let alone take my newborn with me. 

  • 5 days ago

    That's disgusting. And not safe for any human to live in that condition. Google what happens to flooring when it's urinated on and it soaks through into the underlay! Dangerously toxic mould, bacteria, rot. Breathing the air in there is probably worse than smoking & blowing it right into your babies face. Seriously, Google "is pet urine in home dangerous". Tell your dad you can't being a child into that house for hygienic reasons. If he balks then send him the webpages you find when you look into it. Maybe now that he's a grandpa he finally has to decide whether he wants to live in a rotting urinal or if he would rather his grandchild be able to come for visits? 

    You won't be offending them by recognizing safety risks to your child. You are the mother. It's your job to protect your baby. Never let anyone get in your way of that responsibility because your baby's life depends on you standing up for his safety. Tell them point blank: they have pets that aren't house trained. Pet urine soaks into carpets and rots the underlay. This is extremely toxic and unsafe for a child. Offer a few options for other places to meet. Backyard? Driveway even? If they refuse, say you're sorry you won't be able to see them this trip and hope that they'll get to meet their grand-baby next trip!

    Toxic mould spores are airborne. You and your child, husband will breathe them in the moment you step foot into the house. There is no safe amount of time.  

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  • 5 days ago

    Animals get covid too, stay away.

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