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What does mmh mean (I don't think it is meet me halfway)?

A question was raised: Do we have attendance from last quarter and projections for next quarter.  Answer was MMH - I asked this question in December when I was trying to determine capacity needs. This is what I got (then attendance from last December). What would MMH mean in this case, it doesn't seem like meet me halfway.

4 Answers

  • My Minge Hurts

  • 2 months ago

    Dear Co-Worker, Your recent response, "MMH" which I took to mean "Meet Me in the Hallway" was insufficient.  I waited in the Hallway for 15 minutes.  Please clarify your meaning of "MMH" as well as respond to the original question "Do we have attendance from last quarter and projections for next quarter?" 



  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Ask them to clarify as they have not given you access to the code they use for other people.

    Maybe it is a typo.  They have not given you a context 

    "make me horny" or "maybe my house" or "motzerella mit halepino"

    They are being so lazy

  • i + i
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    Is there some reason you can't just ask the person 

    who responded with that cryptic message? Random 

    guesses: Could perhaps be a misspelling of 'meh' 

    (expressing a lack of interest or enthusiasm). 

    Otherwise (depending on what the business is) 

    they could have been asking if you wanted the 

    number in xMH (x Man Hours, where x relates 

    to your business in some way -- M anagement, 

    M aintenance, M ission, M... whatever)

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