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Anonymous asked in Business & FinancePersonal Finance · 2 months ago

Is a salary of $88,000 a year a lot?

I’m going to 5 years of an out of state undergrad (I’m in my 4th year) and 3 years of a DPT program. 

All my schooling costs a total of $237,000. 

It making $88,000 a year still good despite all that money spent on school?

It just seems like not a lot for all the work and schooling and money 


Maybe around $250,000 for all my schooling actually 

17 Answers

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    I work in the tax collections office and my job is to deduct the income tax from peoples wages so I can go home with a fat paycheck each month myself.

    guess where they get the money to pay me.

    so the more you earn the more I earn lol

    cry or shout or whatever you want,  the law is the law and the world works this way.  dont like it ? then you can f.............k right outta that door pal : ))

    88K   , your take home is probably less than 60 anyway so no need to boast or act like some hot shot kiddo.

  • 1 month ago

    It is above average, so yes. Like some said, you won't be rolling in money. The current poverty line for a 1 person household in the US is ~$12,000/year (way too low in my opinion), but could give a little perspective. By state, the minimum wage varies, but federally it is $7.25, which full time (40 hrs/week) would earn $15k / year. 

    Your bang for your buck will also depend on where you decide to live/work. Big cities pay more but also cost more to live in, so I think most bang for your buck would be to live just outside a city in a lower living cost area and commute into a city where living costs are incredibly expensive. You also have to consider locations that are in demand of PTs. (I understand the struggle, I'm in my first year of OT school).

  • 2 months ago

    That salary is about 80% better than most people make. So yes, it's pretty good. 

  • 2 months ago

    You spent way too much money on school but 80,000 dollars is a lot. Most people make less than that.  Also that depends on your field and how far you are along on it. i.e if your a first year resident at a hospital (you don't make much money). 

    the average individual income in 2019 was 43,206.00, 2020 was 62,518.13

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  • 2 months ago

    The median US household income for 2019 was $65,712.

    That literally means HALF of all US households had incomes under $65,712.

  • garry
    Lv 6
    2 months ago

    nope its a good pay , anything over $50,000 to $150,000 is a good pay , your not classified as rich , just average pay . what degree you going for a doctor..expensive school , it must be a private university .

  • fcas80
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    88k is a nice starting salary right out of school.  237k seems like an outrageous amount  - unless you went to an Ivy League school, I'm not sure an education should cost so much.

  • ?
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    Not for 8 years of school it's not.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    If you had gone to an in-state school, your education would have been highly subsidized.   You chose not to.  

    Salaries have nothing to do with how much you paid for school.    It's not your employer's fault you overpaid for your education.


  • ?
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    It's a good salary - and very good for a new graduate.

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