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Why are water signs such awful people?

I really don’t understand why they’re like this. Cancers are so rude and get violent when they hate someone or their mad. Scorpios are mean, manipulative and very insensitive at times and Pisces are rude for no reason and miserable. I’m really surprised with Pisces because they’re supposed to be the sweetest sign and most compassionate but they are far from that. A lot of Pisces are psychopaths and serial killers too. I’m not trying to generalize all of them and say that they’re bad but it’s too many of them and I’m really tired of it. I’ve witnessed both in real life and not in real life. I promise you that I know lots of good water signs, but sadly the vast majority from what I’ve seen a lot of them have some issues. Cancers and Pisces irritate me the most because they’re supposed to nice and understanding of others but they are the most insensitive people I’ve seen, only care about their feelings and no one else. Disgusting. I’ve even met some cancers who are extremely ghetto and unprofessional. Luckily I have had some better luck with scorpios, the nicest person I know is a scorpio, and my best friend is a Scorpio and we get along well. Along with other family members. I even know some aries people who are way nicer and chill than cancers and pisces, it’s crazy. Can someone please tell me why they are like this?? And I would like to hear from the water signs who DO NOT act like this. Please I’m a gemini by the way, Thank you😊.


I’m very sorry to anyone I hurt while reading this. This is just my perspective and experience, but I know not all of them are this bad people!

Update 2:

I understand that Pisces and cancers can get really emotional when they are hurt or mad but from what I’ve seen they can get really insensitive and say hurtful things to people. Please I really need to know why they’re like this.

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    1 month ago

    Everyone has Water Signs in their chart, no matter WHERE their SUN was when they were born.

    What is often called your "zodiac sign" is really only where Sun appeared to be when you were born. Since Sun's apparent location matches our calendar dates, it is very easy to find .. but it is only 2% of the entire astrology for any given individual. And even though all of us have all 12 zodiac signs in our chart, no two people are astrologically identical.

    In fact, almost everyone has at least ONE of their 10 "planets" in EACH of the four Elements.  Occasionally, someone has NO planets in one of the Elements, but this is quite rare.

    My sister, for instance, has ONLY her SUN in a Water Sign.  

    And she has 1 planet in a Fire Sign.

    She has FOUR planets in Earth Signs and FOUR planets in Air Signs.

    So there is very little of the Water-priority in how she approaches life.  She is mostly Earth and Air, despite having her Sun in Pisces.

    So unless you are doing up a person's birthchart, based on the moment they were born and the place they were born .. you are misleading yourself about others and not getting valid information.

    Often the Sun is NOT the strongest influence on our personality ... 

    And Sun-sign astrology is just a way for unethical people to make money writing for the general public, since Sun signs are so easy to find.  

  • 1 month ago

    so hi Scorpio here.

    you think we are mean people well i am so sorry the people you met are such rude people don't compare a few people with all of us. yes water sighs can get more upset then others does not mean they are mean some are the nicest people like your friend.

    and its not just 


    who are killers some Gemini and other sighs are.

    so lets calm down and know we are not bad people we are wonderful people if you take the time to know us.


    the water sighs 


  • 1 month ago

    Because no one cares about their feelings they became like this.

    They can do whatever they want. They reap what they sow. anyways! 😊

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    They're emotional people. Too many emotions, will make you into someone who is dark. Cancers aren't even self aware, especially the ones who have fire and water moons. They're flaming, clingy, needy narcissists. Pisces are dark too, most of them are aware of that. That's why they are weak and try to attach themselves to stronger partners, usually air and earth signs. Then they place their insecurities on individuals if they are emotionally broken. I've known Pisces to talk crap about their significant others behind their back. Cancer women are narcissists who end up in bad relationships often, searching for security reasons. Cancer men are worse. Disloyal even to their friends and very manipulative. Scorpio is the least narcissist water sign. Their emotions are intense with jealously, but they hide it. Most of them are self aware of that and befriend air and fire signs a lot. I've known many Scorpios in my life, who didn't like or trust Cancers and think Pisces are too weak for their own good. 

    Source(s): Much experience with water family members
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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Need to really know? So instead of going to an professional astrologer, you ask strangers in the entertainment section of Yahoo.

    This is strictly your irrational point of view to insult water signs. How many people of each sign do you know? Must have a lot of free time for observing people. Do you keep records on everyone you meet? 

    Astrology is made up stereotyping. It’s gives people excuses to avoid personal responsibility. Why aren’t you questioning the validity of astrology? Did some deity really decide to use the solar system to program everyone? Giving us no choices to call the shots on our lives? What a cruel and stupid thing to do.

    25% of the world is programmed to be "awful" and everyone else is fine? You couldn’t pick out individual signs out of a crowd.

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  • lala
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    THeres good people born under all signs 

     I am sorry for you if you had been deceive by water signs 

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