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how to find out if your flash drive has a bug ?

been trying to format my flash drive but when try it says a file is being used. I don't know what file or whatever. Is there a way to find the bug and format it for free? i'm not a tech head but i can tell something is wrong. I use this flash drive for my writing and music. I want to format it to get ride of some of the music that i don't like anymore but it won't let me.  if someone has a format software that is 100% free let me know please. 

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  • 1 month ago
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    Some flash drives load a driver when plugged in.  So, first check to make sure something on the flash isn't running.  Make sure you've closed any and all programs with any file open from the flash.  Lastly, you might try using a Command Prompt to clean the drive, even booting the computer to run in Safe Mode with Command Prompt.  Then you can simply type 

    X:[enter] where X is the letter of the drive. 

    Del *.* [enter]  This deletes every file on the drive.  

  • 1 month ago

    If you remove a drive before the WRITE processes have completed then you may get this situation. Right click the drive, choose properties, then security then you should be able to sort it out. If you cant then you could try use the microsoft utility  method described at the link but I havnt tried that before and it may relate to a different situation.

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