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Best web hosting?

1 Answer

  • 2 months ago

    Well, there is NOT "best web hosting" but the answes is depends, in general.

    The main aspect is how much you want to spend (for example, from 2-3 usd/months to over 9000 usd/months if you have 1+ million users/months).

    The second aspect is the location: for example in Italy the most used is Aruba (there are both cheap and expensive services), if you have an international target you can also use a CDN (content delivery network). Another hosting service is AWS (Amazon Web Services), not cheap but strong customizable, useful if you need these functions  (for example increase the power one day, decrease another day... at the end you pay depending of used datas, not a fixed value like Aruba and other services). Another famous and good one is GoDaddy, a great service in general (similar to the italian Aruba, maybe a bit better but also a bit more expensive).

    So there is not a winner and a loser but it depends on what you need. You have to choose depending in your needs. Just one recommendation, avoid unknown services, too much cheap like china-hosting or something similar!! Of course they are not good and safe!

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