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I'm a Scorpio to a Aquarius well 2?

I got two Aquarius males I'm talking to. I'm a Scorpio woman and it's like I feel like I annoy them cause they just stop talking me out of nowhere why is this? 


I meant to say talking to 2 Aquarius

1 Answer

  • Janet
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    Men in general are more connected with ACTION than with talking. That's why they love sports, whether watching or doing .. that's why when men get together they DO things, rather than sitting around and talking and sharing.

    So many men do not like women to talk too much. I don't know if this is the issue in your case, but take a lesson from any individual's reactions. 

    Everyone is different and some men DO like to talk, and some even listen.  But NO ONE is the same as eveyrone else, even if they share the same Sun Sign.

    Understand that everyone has ALL 12 Signs in their natal chart, and the "zodiac sign" you find from the month-day of birth is ONLY where their SUN was .. and that is just 2% of their total astrological personality.

    And since no two people are astrologically identical, you cannot draw any valid conclusions about a person is all you are using is their Sun Sign.

    Sun is only about the behaviors they use to try to create inner wholeness and self-esteem. It is not their emotions (Moon) nor their relationship style/needs (Venus), nor how they think/communicate (Mercury), nor any of the OTHER 6 facets of a human personality (any of the other 6 planets) show in the unique birthchart for a given individual.

    In other words, the only thing that Sun sign astrology is useful for is making money off of readers.  Sun sign "astrology" is not real astrology and is only a money-making gimmick.

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