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Do you think people with Asperger or ADHD or similar conditions are discriminated against?

For example, I have Aspergers and i'm Polack from Poland xD

Every year my mother sends me to special summer camps for children with autism / ADHD, at the beginning I did not like going there, but my mother was adamant, she said that I was lucky that the Polish government-financed with money from taxes, that British or Yankee parents spend thousands of dollars or pounds so that their children could have such conveniences as we, Poles, that we are poor, but public money, at least in this regard, is spent well.

I had a friend who had ADHD and Asperger, he boasted that he had built an X-ray tube, made of waste materials of electron tubes from old computers from the Polish People's Republic, but our Polish government agency dealing with dangerous materials took it from him, but physicists from the Polish academy of sciences said that if it were connect to electric grid , it would be able to emit X-rays :-)

He dreamed that the Polish government would finance him a scholarship to be able to study in Great Britain at the University of Cambridge or the United States in Massachusetts in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, i.e. the famous MIT, that allegedly one American teenage girl built a functioning mini nuclear reactor in his parents' garage-like Dexter from this cartoon Dexter's Laboratory from Cartoon Network :-) 


Yet another wanted to become a pilot, but he was afraid that the Polish Civil Aviation Authority would not give him medical examinations for the pilot's license, he did not take any medications for ADHD or Asperger.

Update 2:

But he praised me that he did succeed Polish Civil Aviation Authority, ULC gave him the dreamed 1st class of aviation medical examinations, I asked him that he had to be convincing, and he said no, on the medical questionnaire from ULC he indicated that he did not suffer from any disease, he only marked allergies, and He told him that he could be allergic, but he could only take antihistamines approved by the Polish Civil Aviation Authority and ICAO

Update 3:

He said he didn't talk about Asperger and ADHD because he's not a moron, he had 130 IQ xD

Update 4:

My mother is dead, I remember when my mother sent me to these camps in the late 90s and 00s, my mother said that various things can be bad about commies, but they made Poland a first-class health care system :-)

By the way, I wonder if Elon Musk has Asperger or some other ailment, he is for sure a genius, but apparently when he was a kid he was very withdrawn socially and read a lot of books.

Personally, I like him more to Bill Gates, because Gates is a sociopath

2 Answers

  • 1 month ago

    I don't know but the word Asperger sounds like a really bad sandwich.

  • Foofa
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    Doesn't sound like you are, but it sounds like your mother doesn't have a great understanding of public health in other countries. 

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