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Anonymous asked in SportsCycling · 1 month ago

Brifters or downtube shifters, that is the question?

3 Answers

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    I had a couple of bikes with brifters and I enjoyed using them until the brifters started malfunctioning and stopped shifting. I find myself shifting more often with the brifters, and that is good, because it keeps my bike in the right gears more often. When they stopped working I had to replace them with downtube shifters in my parts bin because they apparently cannot be repaired. Replacing them is more expensive than the shifters on a mountain bike as well. I hope a new pair of replacement brifters will last a lot longer than the original ones. 

  • 1 month ago

    Brifters and and other handle bar shifters were invented so the rider wouldn't have to remove their hands from the handlebars. With brifters your hands are also always near the brakes as well.

    Source(s): Motorized bicycle owner and builder.
  • 1 month ago

    And your specific question is...??? 🤔  BTW, you left one out; bar end shifters used on most touring bikes.

    When "brifters" as you call them first came along, the shifts weren't as clean, crisp & smooth as downtube shifters.  But, technology marches forward.  It didn't take very long for Shimano STI shifters & other brands to start making vast improvements.  Who wouldn't want the added SAFETY of being able to shift & brake from the same hand position?  

    Being an old fart whose ridden bikes with just about every type of shifter available for the last 50 years or so, I can unequivocally say the one bike I own (out of four) that both shifts & brakes the best is my 2015 Raleigh Clubman with Shimano Tiagra components.  It's a 2 X 10 drivetrain with Shimano BR-R317 Mechanical Disc Brakes.  It received an "Editor's Choice" award from Bicycling magazine that year.       

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