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Anonymous asked in Family & RelationshipsSingles & Dating · 1 month ago

Why is he so bothered about the missing pics?  She wasnt important to him (he says) ?

Heya,  so my bf was in contact with an ex of his for over a year.. They were casual around 14 mths and ended the physical side meeting for coffees etc only. 

He had pics on his old phone of times they were out together (relationship and friendship)  etc and pics of her (normal pics) not many,  I would guess about 30% of his gallery.  I had seen them but was never very bothered as they looked cute but not overly couply (maybe one of them kissing the rest just selfies together or coffee shop pics)  

It bothered me they spoke I admit but I didn't let him know that. 

He gave this phone to his Uncle,  I set up a new account (they both asked me too)  

I cleared his phone (figured all pics would back up to his own google account)  again,  they knew as they asked me to. 

This was 8 months ago. 

Now he keeps making snidy comments about it 'ah you're jealous so you cleared all my pictures' 'why did you do that I've never touched your phone' 'you have all my passwords and change my settings' (I really do not,  he bloody has shitty English  and keeps changing things in his settings and asking me what happened) 

He has always said he only cared for her as a friend and she wasn't his type etc... But everytime he talks about these pics its as if he is missing looking at them or missing her. 

They hadn't seen each other since June 2019 ffs only stayed in contact on messenger. 

That was 6 months before we even met. 

Did he feel for her more than he let on?   

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    It seems he had a connection with her and misses her in some way, communicating is key so if he says anything say it’s the past why are you so bothered about these photos of a ex when I’m your girlfriend

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