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Savannah asked in HealthOptical · 1 month ago

can my eye doctor stop me from buying contact lenses from other places?

If I wanted to buy contact lenses from somewhere else, could he prevent me?


The contacts at the eye center are too expensive and my insurance doesn't cover it

Update 2:

My medical insurance doesn't cover my lenses, I can't afford to buy them for him and that's that. I will NOT go broke, just so someone else can get a new car or piece of jewelry. I don't even use RX either, don't make assumptions about me either but I don't think I should be charged for simply trying to make cheaper options, I deserve the right to able to see. 

Update 3:

Not to mention, I am NOT obligated to buy anything specifically from my doctor. I have the right to choose other places to buy things from. If he wants me to buy them from him, he'll have to either lower the price or help me out financially because I don't have the kind of money that HE has!

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago
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    No, they can not. Some may discourage it and give you reasons why you should buy it from them.   However, they can not prevent you from going somewhere else.  

    If they do things such as refuse to give you your prescription or charge you extra for it you should then report them to the FTC.  

  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    I don't see how he can get away with that! I have had exams at independent optometrists and got my glasses at Walmart. But the last few years I have been getting my exams at Walmart and then I buy my contacts and glasses from there. I just got an exam recently and I bought a years worth of contacts and a new pair of glasses there. When you get both contacts and glasses from Walmart you get a discount which is 20 percent on one or the other. I chose my discount for my glasses because they are progressive bifocals and saved a lot of money. My contacts which were 52 dollars a box with 6 in each box so it was 208 for 4 boxes,2 each eye. The contacts are supposed to only be worn for 2 weeks ,but generally I have them for a month However I wear my glasses a lot so there are days that I wont wear my contacts or if I wear them it isn't for very long. Because my glasses are bifocals I see the best with them and I like them a lot better than contacts!  I like my contacts when I am outside a lot and if its raining I often wear contacts because I don't have to worry about glasses fogging up but the I sometimes need ''cheater glasses'' for reading then and might as well wear my prescription glasses. 

  • 1 month ago

    No. But he can charge you for the contact lense RX to go other places.

    It is not against the FTC to charge for the RX. 

  • pearl
    Lv 4
    1 month ago

    No he can't...............................

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  • 1 month ago

    No, at least not anywhere that I have ever lived.  You get a prescription, and you can take that prescription wherever you like to get the corrective lenses.  The only real benefit of getting the lens from your eye doctor is that they ought to provide you with personalized assistance and care.

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