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How do you find sewing jobs in the city ?

Especially if someone doesn't have a computer or any kind of internet access? And doesn't know too many people?

By "sewing jobs," I mean any sewing type job that doesn't involve tailoring.

How do beginner or inexperienced sewers find their first job in person or online?

2 Answers

  • First of all get better at sewing, they probably don't want people that know nothing about sewing, or inexperienced sewers. 

    If they're open in your area go to a library (or if they're still around and open an internet café) and use their computer, or borrow some one's computer. If you have a modern cell phone you can also use that to apply for jobs. If you have none of that, keep an eye out in your local news paper in their job adds, or if you have friends that have sewing jobs ask them if they can help you find a job. 

    Just be careful that you don't find your self working in an illegal sweat shop. 

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    As you've already been told, move to Indonesia, Bangladesh or Singapore where they need cheap labor for shiity quality garments.

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