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Anyone know this Asian Romance/Drama show that used to be on Netflix?

I watched this show on Netflix 3+ years ago, 

I’m fairly certain it isn’t there anymore. It was an Asian romance that centered around three girls and their love-lives. The main girl was a student, and had her romance with a classmate who was secretly a famous musician. They had an “I hate you but I like you” vibe. One scene I remember is when she got sick and he took her back to his apartment so she could diarrhea, then he went and bought her medicine. At some point she found out about his secret. He also had some lust-y side romance with an artist. He started getting close to the main girl but they stop talking for maybe a year, for what reason I can’t remember (start of season 2?). He runs into her again and tries to convince her to give him the time of day. The last scene I can remember is them on a rooftop together. One of the other girls is an office worker. She was stressed, so she started going to get massages, and found her romance in her masseuse. He would give her roses, and walk her home. The other girl was a train wreck. She had a history of dating musicians who were on tour, then would get left behind once they got bored of her. She started working as an assistant on a movie set. She quickly fell in love with the leading man, who was a serious older, famous actor.

This show was honestly horrible but I loved it so so much and any guidance or tips would be appreciated. Thanks so much!

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