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Would building muscle be easier in space? Would zero gravity recover your body quicker?

Like you turn on gravity on the space station for 2 hours, lift hard like a bodybuilder then turn off gravity for the remaining 22 hours. Do this for one year straight. Would a bodybuilder look bigger, the same or smaller? This is assuming his diet is the same and he just floats around binge watching and sleeping for 8 hours.

2 Answers

  • 2 months ago

    We have had enough experience with this to know for sure that being in zero-g (or microgravity) teaches your body that muscles and bones are no longer needed. Therefore, they atrophy.

    Also, it would be difficult to "turn on" gravity for two hours at a time.

    On the ISS, they have a gym where "gravity" is simulated in different ways (most often with bungy cords or something similar).  The exercise slows down the loss of muscles... as long as those muscles are targeted by the exercise.

    As for the bones, whenever you walk (or do anything with shocks, even tiny ones) this causes micro-cracks in your bones (which you don't feel); the body reacts by directing calcium at the site of the cracks to repair them, thus reinforcing the bones continuously.

    In space, no cracks = no reinforcement.  That is why astronauts who have been in space for months - even when using the gym 2 hours a day - cannot even walk when they step out of the capsule. It takes days or even weeks (and medical care) to recover.

  • 2 months ago

    No. Being in microgravity for long periods of time leaches calcium and potassium from your bones and your muscles atrophy without daily vigorous exercise for several hours a day. 

    There is NO to turn gravity on and off in outer space. Artificial gravity is fictional. Centrifugal force by rotating something fast enough is a FAKE force and is totally impractical at this time. 

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