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Why do most marriages fail?

44 Answers

  • 1 day ago

    because humans aren't biologically fit to stay with and have the same mate for such a significant time. 

  • 2 days ago

    Most marriages don't.  People fail all the time.  And the answers are as varied as people are. From stupid to valid. But as long as people enter marriage with an all or nothing attitude, and looking for what they can get instead of give,...there's gonna be a lot of broken marriages, homes,....and children repeating what they lived!

  • ?
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    3 days ago

    Because women can't stay happy for very long.

    They file for 70% of the divorces.


  • 3 days ago

    Because you both get fat and ugly and your personality gets rotten as well.

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    3 days ago



    Getting married too quick

    Getting married too young

    Statistics are flawed I know more people who haven't been divorced than I do have been.  My in-laws have been married 50 years, my parents would have been married for 56 years but my dad died.  My husband has 2 siblings and I have 2 siblings, they are all married and none of them have been divorced, they've been married 15-22 years.  Between all of us the only owner of a divorce decree is well... me.  My husband is husband #2 and we've been married going on 18 years.

    My first husband and I got married too young (we were both 22) and spent too much time apart (he was in the military and often deployed) so we basically just grew apart.  We had an amicable & friendly divorce (and we still get along).  We were married for 6 years but together for 12.

  • ?
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    4 days ago

    All their friends are divorced.

  • KTJoe
    Lv 7
    4 days ago

    Hard to say; from snoring to spousal abuse. 

  • 4 days ago

    For the most part i believe that  disagreements about money lead the list. They all say money cannot buy happiness and that is true, however the lack of money creates problems because the world revolves around it. Secondly, accepting each others roles in the relationship. No matter what is said or pushed on society women and men are not and never will be equal. It is very rare that a man and woman can have a relationship where each can allow the other freedom to exist without trying to have them follow your direction. To enjoy the things with each other that you both like to do yet allow the other to enjoy another activity that they like and you do not is the key.

  • 4 days ago

    Trust and the ability to resolve conflict.

    Lack of trust is the root cause, but it requires explanation because trust is such a root cornerstone of any relationship.  Trust is not just about fidelity, infidelity is a common cause for divorce, it is about believing the other person has their best interests as their own priority.   Thus issues like finances, security, parenting, and responsibility are also key factors of trust too.  Often the marriages that fail most often are between those who are too immature to be married, or simply don't see marriage as a lifelong commitment going into a marriage.  In my observation this is often determined by the socio-economic background as couples who are better off financially get divorced far less than poorer couples.

    The ability to resolve conflict (or compromise) is an essential skill in marriage.  Some who get married think they know how to resolve conflict, but in reality they are in the honeymoon phase of the relationship and haven't actually come across a real conflict, or it has been small and easily swept under the rug.  Others know the skill but forget it during their marriage and don't make the effort to relearn it.  If you can't resolve conflict the little problems will snowball into big problems until ultimately one or more spouses quits trying effectively ending the marriage.

  • Anonymous
    4 days ago

    Well, the latest 2020 statistics I've seen for the U.S. says that 39% of marriages end in divorce, so it's not most marriages.

    While I haven't read any statistics on the why, I do believe that a lot of the answers can be found just by looking at the questions being asked in here, both in the Marriage & Divorce section and in the Singles & Dating section.

    People get involved with someone who, to the outsider, clearly isn't good for them, and yet they hang on, trying to change themselves, trying to change their partner, looking for that magic fix that will suddenly turn that other person into the perfect boyfriend/girlfriend, and many think marriage is the fix, but it isn't.

    People rarely change, and slowly that infatuation/blinding love that was the reason they settled and couldn't let that other person go before starts to die, often aided along by living together, financial stress after buying a house/car/whatever, sleepless nights due to crying infants etc.

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